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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is a 3PL provider ?

A: We're a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with offices in Montreal, and more. A third-party logistics provider is a firm that is used to outsource logistics services for part of your supply chain functions. At Cont-Truck Transport and Logistics, we go the extra mile and customize specialized warehousing, stuffing, inventory management, transloading, pick pack fulfillment order processing and transportation distribution services in Montreal based on the service requirements of your product and customers.

Q: I don't want my customer's to know that I am using a 3PL provider, can you take care of this?

A: Absolutely! Cont-Truck Transport and Logistics understands blind-drop transport services and can tailor outgoing order labels to reflect different "shipped from" names. You can be the sender or your customer can be the sender. This white label approach is just another way we serve as a seamless extension of your business. Blind-drop transport is often leveraged in the case of online ecommerce sales order fulfillment.

Q: Why should I select Cont-Truck Transport and Logistics for my business?

A: Many reasons! We understand there are many pieces to the warehousing and order fulfillment puzzle. We perform on all levels, including:

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